7-07-2020 – 1st Hour Mike Adams – 2nd/3rd Hour: Bellgab, Music and Open Phones

Midnight in the Desert with Nathan Stolpman with Guest Mike Adams

Tonight! On Midnight in the Desert w/ Nathan Stolpman

1st Hour: Mike Adams
2nd Hour: Bellgab, Music and Open Phones
3rd Hour: More Bellgab, More Music and Open Phones

Tonight’s show is a very special Midnight in the Desert w/ Nathan Stolpman

With guest Mike Adams “The Health Ranger from NaturalNews.com the first hour to discuss everything from politics, social media censorship, COVID-19 Pandemic, Bill Gates, forced vaccinations, the mark of the beast, Roger Stone, Trump, U.S. November elections and predictions for our strange future.

In the 2nd and 3rd hour, DMDN’s Executive Producer David Rubini joins Nathan to take phone calls with fans, friends, and frenemies – the forever infamous and sometimes “lovable trolls” from Bellgab are tonight’s MITD very special guests.
We’ll also play more music and test out the new MITD 800 #’s with Open Phones all night long!

Tonight, the only rule is there are no rules.
This is a MITD show that you do not want to miss!
Exclusively presented from Dark Matter Digital Network.

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Listen here for the First Hour of Midnight in the Desert

with Guest Mike Adams