7-23-2020:Maryam Henein

Thursday July 23, 2020


Midnight in the Desert with Nathan Stolpman with Guest Mayam Henein

Tonight! On Midnight in the Desert w/ Nathan Stolpman discussion recent article on FDA “Operation Quack Hack” and Covering COVID-19
Special guest with Maryam Henein, joins Midnight in the Desert host Nathan Stolpman on an in-depth and much more! This is a special show you do not want to miss!


The censored investigative journalist, filmmaker and functional medicine consultant that has been covering COVID-19 in real time from Costa Rica since day one for Dark Matter.

Her recent findings on the FDA’s “Operation Quack Hack” (link to her article here) and lawsuits regarding Dr. Anthony Fauci have made her a target by both the FDA and FTC that she characterizes as the “Deep State.” This month, she’s been the subject of hit pieces by five Soros-backed publications just this month for selling Silver on her e-commerce site HoneyColony.

She’d love to weigh in on the ways the government is censoring patriotic truth tellers as a newly minted Conservative and how no one else has unearthed two Fauci-related lawsuits, with one involving the former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos and a 1.1M lawsuit from Doctor Michael Hall? 


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