About Us

Hi, I’m Keith Rowland webmaster and Internet engineer for over 20 years.

I built the DarkMatterRadio.net radio station and website to foster alternative programming expansion into Internet radio. I’d like to provide a platform for science, paranormal and other related topical radio shows to the fans of these topics. If you have any suggestions of good radio programs, let me know.

I use a dedicated computer to automate the playback of pre-recorded programs to a streaming service provider which can handle thousands of listeners, and use another computer to receive live shows via Skype and feed them to the stream also. After the programs are run for the first time during the evening, I replay these shows overnight for the late night listeners. During the daytime hours you may hear some other programs that I’ve found interesting to listen to.

Dark Matter Radio Network is available on the Tune-in app and listed in the Reciva directory. You can like the Facebook Page or follow the Twitter handle @DMRadioNet to keep track of the programs that are running.

— Keith Rowland