06-26-2020 – Alexis Brooks with Special Guests Dr. Aaron Lewis and Whitley Strieber

On tonight’s incredibly special Friday edition of Midnight in the Desert with Alexis Brooks, world renowned Alexis is joined by friends of DMDN – special guests Dr. Aaron Lewis and the legend himself, Whitley Strieber. Raw and Real! This is a special show that you will certainly not want to miss! Guest #1 (first hour): […]

6-25-2020 – David Weiss (DIRTH) and Jeran Campanella (Jeranism)

Tonight! Midnight in the Desert host Nathan Stolpman brings on board special guests DITRH and Jeranism who are today’s top Flat Earth research experts to discuss this polarizing subject matter growing exponentially in popularity and controversy around the World . Other topics include FAKE NASA, FAKE SPACE, COVID-19. This is a show you do not […]

06-22-2020 – Peekay Censored and Russianvids

On this special Dark Matter Digital Network episode, new Midnight in the Desert host Nathan Stolpman welcomes legendary Youtube conspiracy researchers Peekay Censored from Australia and Russianvids from the United States to the show. Topics include: Tech Censorship, Bill Gates & Covid-19, Boston Marathon Bombing and much much more! This is critical information that the […]

6-21-2020 – Sean Stone and Guests Dr Michio Kaku, Alex Kazemi, and Dennis Speed

On this special Dark Matter Digital Network episode, brand new Sunday Night – Midnight in the Desert host Sean Stone introduces himself and welcomes Canadian pop artist, director, and author Alex Kazemi, Political analyst Dennis Speed as well as new DMDN daily show host, the legendary American theoretical physicist, futurist, and popularizer of science, Dr […]