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After Dark Radio has been covering various topics including the paranormal, conspiracy theories, cutting-edge science, cryptozoology and general weirdness since 2011. Shows include interviews with guests from the field, news stories, discussions and debates, plus we take open line phone calls and emails every week. Past guests have included Stanton Friedman, Jeff Meldrum, John Michael Greer, Leslie Kean and others.


Bryan Alvarez has hosted radio programs dating back to 1999, when he and Dave Meltzer co-hosted Wrestling Observer Live on New York’s, one of the first streaming Internet radio websites in history. Their show was the most-listened-to program on the network, and when Eyada closed down the show was moved to the over-the-air Sports Byline USA radio network. It continues to air today with Alvarez and Mike Sempervive as hosts, every Sunday from 3-5 PM Pacific on both Sports Byline USA and Sirius Satellite Radio (channel 92/94/794 plus XM Radio channel 208). In addition to After Dark Radio, Alvarez also hosts Figure Four Daily, Wrestling Observer Radio, and the Bryan & Vinny Show at He has appeared on a number of broadcast and cable television programs talking pro-wrestling, including Nancy Grace and ABC Nightline, and has also written a best-selling pro-wrestling book, “The Death of WCW”, a 10-year anniversary edition of which will be released in 2014. He lives in Bothell, WA, with his wife and three cats.