The radio show for all “Things That Go Bump In The Night”

Nightwatch is one of the longest running shows of it’s kind and considered the number one independent Paranormal radio show in the world, now on 338 stations worldwide! But Nightwatch is NOT just for the Paranormal, the show also has featured some of the most heart-touching human interest stories ever, from Mike Kim and his incredible life as he helped refugees on the Chinese border who overcame tremendous adversity to escape the repressive regime of North Korea, to the efforts of Outback Zack as he travels the globe saving endangered animals and helping those in need. Nightwatch is about all things exciting, adventurous and beyond the realm of normal… it is about extraordinary people, incredible situations and uncovering the amazing secrets on our wonderful planet! And we don’t stop there – Nightwatch also includes guests from all walks of the entertainment field from movies to cartoons to TV and comics – Nightwatch covers it. Nightwatch is also the number one overnight independent weekend show in both Sidney and Melbourne Australia on 1610 AM, 86.7 FM and several web stations Down Under.