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Bill Heid, Co-Host

Bill Heid is president and founder of Solutions From Science, one of the fastest growing companies in the preparedness and survival industry. Bill started his first business before the age of 21, and has been an incurable entrepreneur and marketer ever since. He is a proponent of families working together for common goals, whether it is growing vegetables in a backyard garden or building a family business. Bill’s passion for equipping people to become self-reliant inspired him to start Solutions From Science.

Brian Brawdy, Co-Host

Brian Brawdy is a former New York police investigator and Military Survival Expert. He has spent the last 30 years studying psychology, philosophy, political science and the survival mindset. Today he educates international audiences on the importance of self-reliance, survival and Libertarian values. Brian has appeared on CNN, FOX News, ABC, CBS, NBC, and The CW communicating a compelling message about adapting, surviving and thriving, be it on a mountaintop or on Main Street, from the wilderness to Washington, DC.