Understanding the Fringe


‘Understanding the Fringe: The Kinder Side of Afterlife Science’ is a show that aims to show a different side of the realms of paranormal, metaphysics, UFOlogy/extraterrestrials, even some of the science, psychology and physics of these and other related topics. From the perspective of Host Chip Reichenthal, there is so much on these realms that are visceral and fear-mongering or skewed toward the ‘evil’ and ‘demonic’…when there are sides of these realms that really are or can be positive, kind, loving, nurturing and guiding. Granted, we tend to fear what we don’t understand, yet there are sides from Guests and the Host who’ve spent years or decades learning and understanding the paranormal, psychic and even scientific sides that can help us understand the perspectives of a real and kinder side of living or practice in these fringes of society. The aim is to squash the fear, help in understanding that as in life, there are good sides to those in afterlife as well. In doing so, Chip Reichenthal hopes to share some of this unique wisdom by hosting his heroes…some of the finest minds, voices and talents in these areas.

CHIP REICHENTHAL is a published Author, Lecturer and veteran Radio Host who’s been fascinated with afterlife sciences since ‘seeing and speaking’ with his best friend at the moment of the friend’s death in 1979. Since, Chip has spent more than three decades exploring areas of paranormal, metaphysical and psychological aspects of afterlife science and theory. Ultimately, Chip hopes to highlight the positive and loving sides of potential communication with discarnate energies or spirit, especially examining the role of accurate historical research, theoretical physics, belief systems, mind-over-matter, and consciousness as an energy form. He has had success as a spirit medium and great aptitude in paranormal investigations, hypnotherapy and an excellent grasp of Tarot. Chip has hosted or worked with many of the greatest minds and talents in paranormal, parapsychology, metaphysics and physics. Chip has a book currently available, a fiction novel with a real-life first person perspective of mediumship (rowepub.com/even-the-dead-wont-tell-you-the-truth); is a contributing writer for Supernatural Magazine and The Magic Happens, which are online publications; representative for the upcoming Documentary “Afterlife Uncovered”; has appeared in three films with two more upcoming and is teaching courses on the kinder side of afterlife sciences.