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Unknown Origins Radio had its beginnings in March of 2011. In that time the UOR team has interviewed over 100 guests. The team consists of:

Mark Johnson has been interested in the paranormal since he was young, but it wasn’t until shortly after he moved to New Jersey from Los Angeles in 1999 that he realized the house he was living in was haunted. He formed New Jersey Paranormal Research in 2004, and since has investigated numerous haunted locations throughout the East Coast. Mark also holds an interest in many other aspects of the strange and paranormal, which made him the perfect choice to host Unknown Origins Radio. Mark has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows including A&E’s “Paranormal State”, the Travel Channel’s “Most Terrifying Places in America 2”, and most recently, SyFy’s hit show “Haunted Highways”.

Bruce Pearson is the newest member of the UOR Team, yet he brings the most experience. Bruce has worked for the past 30 years as a investigative broadcast journalist. Bruce has been interested in the paranormal after having his own UFO sighting back in 1974. He brings his expertise and a unique, analytical mind to show.